4 Reasons to Write Him a Love Letter Today

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Are you falling in love with a new guy in your life? Or perhaps you are falling in love with a friend but don’t know how to express your feelings. Or maybe there is a special day in your man’s life and you want to brighten his day by a love letter. There are many reasons a woman may want to write a love letter to a man. But here are the most common four.

The most common reason a woman wants to write a love letter to a man is when she knows she is falling in love with a guy who may not have any idea how she feels about him. This could be if they are in school together, or perhaps he is a co-worker, or she sees him on the campus.

You may come across him often, but get tongue-tied every time you see him. You decide to write him a love letter and express how you feel.

In this case, the best way to go about that is to put your most heart-felt thoughts into this letter. Once you write it, read it and re-read, tuck it under your pillow and don’t show it to anyone. And by all means, do not send it to him. Sending an unsolicited love letter to a guy who has no idea how you feel about him is a sure fire way to make a fool out of yourself. But you can certainly get your feelings off your chest if you just put your thoughts down on paper. It will surely make you feel better and relieved.

Another reason to write a love letter to a guy is when you are your ex boyfriend have broken up. You may still love him and you think that by letting him know how much he means to you, you will bring him back. Just imagine your ex boyfriend reading your love letter, getting all teary-eyed. This is what you have in mind usually when you have thoughts about writing a love letter to your ex boyfriend.

Unfortunately it doesn’t happen like this in real life. The most likely outcome of your love confession to your ex is getting served with a restraining order court subpoena. Again, the best way for you to go about writing this love letter to your ex is to write it so you can get your feelings off your chest, tear it apart or burn it down. Do not send it to him if you don’t want more trouble.

Another reason you may want to write a love letter to man is when you have been dating a new man for a while and feel that you are falling in love with him. You are not sure if he feels the same way and are hoping that by letting him know how you feel you will make him tell you he loves you too.

If this is the case, you need to know that men want to feel like they are the ones making a love confession first. If he hasn’t said he loves you, he probably doesn’t. And if you let him know you love him first, don’t be surprised if he shuts down or tells you he is not ready for a relationship. The next step you should expect if that he will stop calling you and start avoiding you.

Again, if you want to write a love letter to him, by all means, do it. Then tuck that letter on the highest shelf in the closed and never let anyone see it.

The last reason you may want to write a love letter to him is when you did or said something that hurt your boyfriend. You are thinking that by writing a love letter you will fix the damage you have done. But this is not the way to go about it.

If you did or said something that made your boyfriend mad or upset, a sincere apology is the best way to go about it.

The reason you should always avoid writing love letters to men is that they don’t really understand them and don’t respond to them. Although some rare men have appreciation for love letter, most men don’t. If you don’t know whether your man is that rare kind that have appreciation for a love letter, the best advice is don’t take your chances and don’t send him that love letter you write.

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