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Yes! I want ”The Art of The Bewitching Seductress” manual delivered to me immediately, so I can learn how to become absolutely irresistible to men, how to magnetically attract a man and have the relationship of my dreams!

I understand that I will be transferred to the download page immediately after my payment is approved and will download this manual from that page, and that the download link will also be sent to my e-mail address which I will provide with my order. I understand that this manual is an electronic book and that no hard copy will be sent to me by US mail, but that I can print it out on my printer after I download it.

I understand that a charge for this manual will show the name of seller's company Creative Consulting.

I understand that this manual is delivered as an Adobe Reader Version 9 compatible file and agree that I will install this free software - Adobe Reader version 9 on my computer if not yet installed or upgrade my Adobe Reader to version 9 if I receive any errors whatsoever when trying to open and read this manual.